At By Lia we are inspired by today's women who are looking for new challenges, to renew themselves and grow daily. All our designs are designed to reflect the personality of each one and to express themselves through fashion and personal style.

The essence of By Lia is the commitment to oneself and to what surrounds us. The designs are designed to highlight the best virtues of each person and to wear them in a unique way to be 100% you.  

In addition, in By Lia we have decided to go for a 100% plastic free packaging, made with recycled and plant-based materials. All materials used in our packaging are fully recyclable and compostable.

Jewelry is shipped optimizing space and elements to make transportation as efficient as possible and not generate unnecessary waste. Following this objective, we have digitalized all possible processes to avoid printing or using unnecessary materials in our offices and in our Showroom.


By Lia Jewels was born from the idea of creating a brand that allows you to wear jewelry for everyday wear. In 2014, Làlia, a fashion expert, decided to explore the world of jewelry inspired by designs, materials and cultures she discovered while traveling.

She began to create and design minimalist and timeless pieces of jewellery without neglecting trends and fashion.

Today, with the same enthusiasm and objectives, she has merged different styles to adapt to new times and trends.
Now, eight years later, she wants, together with the By Lia team, to continue moving forward, reinforcing the brand's values and reflecting them in her designs.


The By Lia team is made up of seven women with different styles and hobbies but who share the same passion: fashion and trends.

Each one of us, from our positions, work to make you have a unique and extraordinary experience here, as our first objective is to make you feel special with our attention and articles.

Write to our team if you have any questions, or if you just want to say hello, we'd love to meet you! :)



Most of our designs are made of Sterling Silver 925 and plated with 18kt gold for the golden version


Worried about the environmental situation nowadays, we've worked to bring our new packaging completely plastic free and ecofriendly


You are our first priority. We want you to have the best of experiences at Bylia's. So, do not hesitate in contacting us for any question!